Vast assortment of painting globules

What Is Globulism?

Globulism is a new method and system for painting and creating artistic pieces. More specifically, the present invention relates to a reproducible method for applying painting globules to a canvas or other adherable surface to create unique pieces of artwork that have heightened three-dimensionality and visual appeal.

Holding an orange painting globule with palette knife


Why Globulism?

Throughout human history, painting has been a popular form of human expression. Specific techniques have been used to add a greater sense of three-dimensionality and texture to a painting piece. For example, impasto is a well-known technique used in painting in which paint is laid on an area of the painting surface in thick layers, usually thick enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible. Paint can also be mixed directly on the canvas. When dry, impasto provides more texture than a typical two-dimensional painting. Impasto still requires the artist to use brushstrokes to create a scene or piece of art on a canvas or other surface.

Single Blue Painting Globule


Another technique has been a hallmark of aboriginal art. It is known as dot art, a technique characterized by blotching acrylic or alkyd paint using a loaded paintbrush or paint dispenser or embossing a graduated-sized stylus on a flat horizontal surface. The artwork that uses dot art is characterized by having many raised dots on its surface, whereby the dots are somewhat pointed or rounded and slightly raised from the surface. Similarly, blob art involves the application of paint (usually acrylic paint) in rounded forms or blobs. Often, the blobs are allowed to dry, and then additional blobs are placed over them. However, neither the impasto technique nor the dot art or blob art techniques involve using paint as individually rolled globules that can be separately rolled and placed on a canvas. These techniques do not allow the painted blob or dot to be rolled into a spherical round shape. Instead, they provided minimal texture and a rounded appearance on the canvas or other support surfaces.

Another drawback when creating dot art or blob art is that the canvas or other support surface must be horizontal or a level, flat surface. If the canvas or other support surface is left in a vertical, upright position, the liquid paint will drip in an unwanted manner, and the colors of the paint will bleed or run considerably. Accordingly, these existing painting techniques can only provide the overall effect of spherical painting globules that may be applied either as wet-painted globules or as dry-painted globules to achieve a unique visual effect and create unique pieces of art.