Carried Away


30 in. × 24 in.

Oil on canvas

“Carried Away” is characterized by a series of free-flowing lines and vibrant colors that create an abstract representation of a figure. The use of space and the sparing application of paint lend the work a light and airy quality. The lines swirl and loop around the canvas, suggesting movement and a lack of restraint, which aligns with the idea of being ‘carried away.’

The central figure appears in a state of relaxation, with a hat whimsically tilted on the head, adding a touch of levity. The simplicity of the forms and the bright, primary colors give the painting a childlike innocence and joy. The playful nature of the composition may reflect moments of abandon, where imagination and emotion take over, leading to a sense of freedom and spontaneity.

Small details, like flowers and a bird, contribute to the narrative of being lost in a moment, indulging in the pleasures of imagination and daydreaming. The facial features of the figure, though abstract, are calm and content, further emphasizing the theme of delightful diversion.

“Carried Away” captures the essence of those moments when we allow ourselves to be swept up by the currents of our thoughts and fantasies. This painting invites viewers to let go and be transported by the currents of their imaginations.