2020 | Oil on Linen | 48" x 36"

Heavy eyes in the valley

Where the monsters breed

With a wolf at your doorstep

In some vague distant dream

I have heard of a river

That will set you free

Only under one condition 

If you love her, let her be

I went to the sparrow 

I said, “sparrow tell me, please

Is it free will or fate that 

That creates what we see”

She said,

“Love what you create, kid

And try to understand 

All you need is what you have

And all you are is what I am”

Well, now I’m crossing over

Through a window of time

I’ll sail in the moonlight 

Off into the sublime

We’ll forgive our mistakes  

And then I’ll disappear 

Dissolve into the ocean

But my love will always be here