Mind Behind Mine

40 in. x 30 in.

Oil on Canvas

This piece is characterized by a dense network of organic shapes and lines that fill the canvas, creating a chaotic yet harmonious inner landscape. The multitude of eyes within the composition represents the many facets of the self or consciousness, echoing the notion of depth and multiplicity within the human psyche.

The title “Mine Behind Mind” refers to the personal treasures or the essence of one’s being that lies beneath the surface of the conscious mind. The painting depicts the inner workings of thought, the subconscious, or the richness of the individual’s inner world that is often hidden but full of life and complexity.

The colors are bright and contrasting, yet they work together to create a sense of unity. The reds and greens, often complementary, may symbolize the dynamic and sometimes conflicting forces within us. The blues and purples add a touch of calm and introspection to the overall vibrant palette.

This piece invites viewers to reflect on their inner selves, the thoughts and memories that define who they are, and the personal ‘mine’ of experiences and emotions that shape their understanding of the world.