Once I Gazed at You in Wonder

20 in. x 24 in.

Oil on canvas

This artwork features a complex tangle of lines and shapes that come together to form a figure or a collection of figures. The intertwining forms and the myriad of colors create an impression of depth and movement, creating a living tapestry of memories or experiences.

The multitude of eyes scattered throughout the painting lends a sense of consciousness and perception to the image. It evokes the feeling of wonder and fascination as if the figure(s) are beholding something awe-inspiring. This aligns with the title of the piece, suggesting a past moment of profound realization or admiration.

The overall composition has a dreamlike quality, with elements that seem to float and twist in an undefined space. The vibrant colors and dynamic lines could represent the fluid nature of thought and emotion, capturing the essence of what it feels like to be struck by the beauty or complexity of what one sees.

“Once I Gazed At You In Wonder” speaks of moments in life when we are deeply moved by the world around us, reflecting on the times when we see things with a fresh perspective or childlike amazement. This painting invites viewers to recall the times they have looked upon something—or someone—with a profound sense of wonder.