2019 | Oil on Canvas | 60" x 48"

Oil on Canvas (Globulism)

60 in. X 48 in


This painting is a striking and modern take on the self-portrait genre. I employ a bold, minimalist approach, utilizing 

This “Self-Portrait” is a candid revelation rendered through the use of Globulism. The stark contrast between the deep black canvas and the luminous, colorful lines that trace the features of the face encapsulates the essence of revelation—what was once unseen is now brought into plain sight.

The bold, isolated lines in primary colors against the dark void represent a heroic emergence of self. They speak to the core of my artistic philosophy—each stroke is an act of defiance against the obscurity that once shrouded ones true self.

This piece is more than a representation of physical features; it is an introspective archetypal vision made visible. The eyes, windows to the soul, are highlighted to remind us that seeing is not just a physical act but an act of recognition—a remembrance of a deep truth we knew but have forgotten.

“Self-Portrait” is an invitation to the viewer to confront their own multiplicity, to embrace the vastness within, and to acknowledge the heroes within themselves. It’s a statement that true heroism lies in the relentless pursuit of self-discovery, in the courage to let our inner light define us in plain sight for the world to see.