The First Morning

2022 | Oil on Linen | 54" x 44"

The fashion of the pendulum

My ears start to ring

The sound of frozen air met with

The birds’ chirp of spring

Living off prairie grass

Out in the country

The billows blast of air

Starts my tinder burning

The whiskey warms me up

I sing “Goodnight Irene”

In the big sky’s starry night

The little dippers dancing

The shooting stars an outlaw

Burned out but still shining

Gone but not forgotten

Its wish was granted

Big river, what are you running from

Your white water frightens me

Take away my troubles

Carry off my worries

The groundhog saw its shadow

Six long weeks till Spring

My riffles out of ammo

Down to nuts and berries

The wolves call to the wild

Howl at the moon, sing to the sea

When the sun greets the horizon

The night owls go to sleep

I put my hand to the plow

Say a prayer for every seed

Just enough to make it

A couple more weeks

Wildfire on the horizon

Make way for new ideas

Burn all the pinecones

So the pine trees reappear

I’ll put my story in the soil

To help my crops grow this year

Please, keep away the greedy

Who brings this land to tears