The Great Wind

Pen and Ink on Canvas

36 in. x 24 in.

“The Great Wind,” is a pen and ink drawing on canvas and is the foundational piece of my artistic journey. It stands as a testament to the spontaneous and intuitive process that underpins my work. Without a preconceived plan, I allowed the artwork to unfold organically, guiding the pen across the canvas as the intricate details emerged naturally under my hand.

The title reflects the inherent theme of the piece: an acknowledgment of the invisible forces that influence and shape the creative process, akin to the unpredictable yet inherently natural patterns of the wind. The artwork serves as a visual representation of the internal and external currents that inspire and drive the evolution of my art.In creating this piece, I engaged with the abstract and the symbolic, allowing the fluidity of line and form to express a deeper psychological narrative. It’s a visual exploration of the collective unconscious, touching upon the dualities within us. 

This canvas is the first of many, a visual foundation for the themes I intend to explore throughout my career. It’s a reflection of my contemplations on change, the human psyche, and the value of the archetypal experiences in our lives. “The Great Wind” is both the beginning of my artistic path and a guidepost for the future directions my work will take.