The Jester

2020 | Oil on Linen | 48" x 48"

48 in. x 48 in.

Oil on Canvas

“The Jester” is a complex painting that explores the duality of existence and the playful yet profound nature of life’s grand game. This piece embodies the ancient spirit of the jester—a figure who, with a wink and a nod, knows the depth of the cosmic joke that is life.

The patchwork of colors and the jester’s whimsical expression play out the paradoxical wisdom shared in the concepts embodied while creating this piece. He is a figure of sincere laughter and sincere play, a reminder that the anxieties of decision-making are but illusions in the grand scheme where everything is part of the show. The checkerboard background underscores this notion, representing the dualities of life—the black and white, the serious and the ridiculous, the visible and the invisible.

This painting is a meditation on the ancient philosophy that the ultimate reality is a play of opposites, where the serious and the comical are intrinsically linked. The jester’s face, with its complex mix of shapes and colors, represents a mask that hides the truth. It’s not there to reveal reality, but rather to keep us from coming face-to-face with it.

“The Jester” represents the greatest magic trick of all, which is more than just a performance on stage—it’s part of life itself. This trick shows how our desire to be important is an illusion when compared to the vast universe. Our final moment, or ‘bow,’ happens quietly, away from the spotlight, in a mysterious place beyond all the noise and show. It’s where we quietly step off the stage of life. This idea reminds us that all the things we use to feel important really don’t matter much when you look at the bigger picture of the universe. In this vast space, our biggest worries and limits become insignificant.