The Shadow at Rock Bottom

2021 | Mixed Media on Linen | Canvas: 52” x 34” x 1.5” | Rock: 12” x 21” x 17.5”

We’ll find the truth,

in a cold awakening

at rock-bottom.

Where our illusions drop off and

life becomes beautiful. 

We’ll see through ourselves, 

We’ll see suffering 

from those who are convinced they’re good.

From those desperate to be entertained. 

Who didn’t stop to think… 

Fallacy is not an evil man, 

But a stupid man – distracting and concealing it from public view.

Only listens to confirm –

what he already knew. 

An underlying weakness.

The shadow at rock bottom can’t describe the truth, but what it isn’t.

That’s clashing into me

and is just as bad

as you.