The Way Out

42 in. x 36 in.

Oil on Linen

“The Way Out” stands as a vibrant scene of self-liberation and introspective journeying. The painting, rich in dynamic shapes and interlocking patterns, signifies the complex process of self-discovery and the nuanced rhythm between internal and external realities.

In this painting, the central figure, a Mermaid, appears entwined with a net of geometric shapes, suggestive of the societal and personal constraints that shape our existence. The fish, seemingly moving effortlessly through these barriers, symbolizes the fluidity of thought and the ability to navigate the ‘mad mob’ with grace and agility, an idea reflected on while working on the painting.

Another concept this painting evokes is the notion of setting the kingdom straight upon awakening, resonating with the responsibility one holds to their own psyche—to troubleshoot and navigate through the layers of consciousness, much like a king who must oversee and harmonize his domain. The painting’s vibrant colors and intricate lines mirror the ‘deep blue wonder-struck’ state of awakening and the continuous movement towards self-expression and clarity.

“The Way Out” also touches upon the theme of loss and the subsequent quest for meaning; a personal narrative of grief and recovery. The mermaid’s posture and expression convey a sense of contemplation and resolve, a testament to the wisdom that grows in strife and the transformation that follows profound personal trials.

This piece urges the viewer to embrace their journey of self-exploration, to not resist expressing their sense of self despite the instability that inspiration may bring. It is a visual representation of my belief in the importance of keeping the creative juices flowing, and to ‘keep on swimming’ in the face of life’s labyrinthine challenges.

Embodying the paradoxical blend of isolation and connectivity, “The Way Out” implores us to step away from the desire to disrupt ourselves and others, and instead, navigate through life with the discernment and courage of a wise ruler of one’s inner kingdom.